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International Microbiome Projects

Microbiome related funding sizes (2008)

Human Microbiome Project (US), 115 million USD

MetaHIT (Europe and China), 31m

Canadian Microbiome Initiative (Canada), 10m.

Human MetaGenome Consortium (Japan), 5m.

MicroObes (France), 3m

Meta-GUT (China), 1.5m

Human Gastric Microbiome (Singapore), 0.75m.

Australian Urogenital Microbiome Consortium (Australia), 0.6m.

Total of more than 167 million USD for human microbiome.

The research is starting to pay dividends in knowlege (though not necessarily in medical applications yet).

Obese vs. thin mice and humans have very different gut microbiomes


As we deal in genomic resources here, thought I’d point you to the databases generated by these projects. Well, of course these are new projects, so as of yet, there isn’t much.

 IMG/M  does have an excellent resource and database that does include two human gut samples and the mouse obese and thin gut samples.

Camera is focused on Marine metagenomics.

HOMD (Human Oral Microbiome Database), a couple metagenomes of the Human oral cavity metagenomes.