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openfree is the knowledge portal for all the microbes and their genes.

Microbiome is the totality of microbes, their genetic elements (genomes), and environmental interactions in a defined environment. A defined environments can be the gut of a human being or a soil sample. Thus, microbiome usually includes microbiota and their complete genetic elements.


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Microbiome News

TIGR found around 1000  bacteria in human guts.

Researchers suspect\ the human gut is at least as complex as our soils or seas.

Microbiome Project objectives




  • Determining whether individuals share a core human microbiome
  • Understanding whether changes in the human microbiome can be correlated with changes in human health
  • Developing the new technological and bioinformatic tools needed to support these goals

Develop biomarkers to identify the bacterial population of individuals. 


International Microbiome Projects

Korean Human Microbiome Project: KHMP

Human gut microbiome

Microbiome References

NIH Roadmap  NIH Data Analysis & Coordination Center for HMP

MetaHIT EU project Human Metagenome Consortium Japanj


See also

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News in Microbiome

connection moves into MS territory BWH researchers find evidence that diet and gut microbes can influence brain inflammation



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